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Why I Write

I mean there's so many things to say... Like where do I even start ? Breathe With Me was created to be a safe place for those who like or want to vent. This site caters to REAL life content. This is a public platform to share overcoming stories, childhood stories and relatable stories that we all went through. NOW ! … If you are weak minded or overly sensitive you don't need to be on this page. DONT even go as far as creating a profile. This is for REAL people who have/has/is FUCKED  in there life and OWN it ! I found that COMMON SENSE, Aint ALWAYS COMMON. And people nowadays LAAACCCKKK accountability. 

If you are easily offended I don't think you should be hereee … I mean cause it can get pretty RAW. This is a touchy site. Were gonna talk about what others hide behind saying. But I want you all to remember that this is a safe space where opinions can be shared and viewed respectfully and freely.


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