Bad Energy

It always starts with family, friends, lovers, teachers, coworkers and more. I mean to just walk through it is enough for me. I mean Y'ALL ! Lets envision this for a sec. Your sitting with who ever and out of nowhere you enter the fight for of life. You get SLAPPED in the face with off putting comments. Heart STOMPED on by judgmental back handed complements. They start picking you apart as if you are stewed down beef. You become tender and soft and slowly fall apart from all the things you decided to share with them. You think DAMN that is/was hurtful AF. WTF I do to you. Better yet. Where DF did all this come from. Well it has always been within. ANNND it has nothing to do with YOU. I learnt that people who aren't in control of there emotions will offend dump it out on the ones closes to them. You ever met someone just PURE evil... Like you can as clear as day see the JOY and EXCITMENT they feel when they say something that they know will hurt you. And your probably like " you don't need to tolerate that, or you can choose to not be around or apart of that". This post is for those who don't have a chose at the moment.

What do we do ?

I mean I guess coping habitats have to form right. If you want to liveeee and puuull through. Hurt people do hurt people. WHY ?? Because it is fun AF for them. But evil people seek to destroy souls. Anybody ever met a soul snatcher ? Or ever came around one and knew all th

e RED flags ? Hell anybody live with one ? The biggest eye opener is the fact that it is always someone close to you. But I mean it makes perfect sense tho right... Heard me OUT first ! They have learnt all your ways, habits, patterns and more. Your comfortable, shit your guard is already down kind. Most just want to RUN, but where do you even run to ? Where does this start and end.