It's Because I Am Direct

Lol, sometimes I wonder … have I always been one to protect my energy from people? , unless I intentionally throw myself in a mix. I mean I just pay attention to side comments people make and I pay attention to their eyes. Are you one to match someone energy? or let it go …


I Don't Care Cause I'm Not Trippin.

Lately I've been keeping distance from everyone but GOD. I just I catch the shade people like to throw around. OoOoO , let's also sprinkle pettiness. Dripped in a BIG asss SIGH. One day some years ago I had a supervisor and her friend (a coworker) block me in with their cars in the parking lot. They did this twice. They both sat there and laughed. I just thought to myself WTF? lol. LOUD SIGGGGH … Not all people are bad, but I AM just saying people aint NOO good either. The " oh you couldn't do it " laughs * NOPE NOPE ! You can't always mind your company but what are somethings you do to protect your energy? I know I am not the only one who can feel good or bad energy from people.

It's In The Eye's

Our eyes hold so many emotions and truths. I mean if you ever want to know the truth just pay attention to their eyes. NOW I know not all ways the case … but just try it? what can it hurt? Yeah, I know we only where masks now but that's not what I am talking about. What do the eyes tell you? To me, the lies, happiness, tiredness, emptiness or more. When you've been lied to Like ALOT ALOT it's easy to read in between them lines.

1, 2, 3, …

4,5,6 followed by a sigh. Sometimes tho. I go to ten. People will try it, you know!? And not give one fuck. Are you that person? come on … I mean at least every once in a while. I CANT BE ALONEEEE ! You know that trigger point where you just break, and it just happens. Hmm. built in frustration I suppose. It's it in that spilt second do you " match that energy just because whatever reason... or let it be. I have a question tho ! and I'm sure if you are still reading this you know I am full of them.


1.Are you a direct person or do you trick your mind into believe you are?

2. What situations has/ have you directness lead you ?

3. Do you address side comments or do you let it go ?