Sometimes I Cry

There use to be many days where I sit in the bathroom at work and cry. I drive home and cry. I sit in the bathroom at home and cry. I'd sit with a clear mind and the tears start to form. I watched a movie and start to cry. Hell just lay in the day and cry. Sometimes I didn't even know I fell asleep from crying. I think now tho … you got my point about cryinggg. I cry NOT because I am ungrateful. Although there have been times I cried because I am not being grateful. Isn't crazy to think, your crying knowing others have less than you. Others have had it much hard then you. Some grew up having to borrow clothes, no food to eat at night, no place to sleep or bath. Others as soon as they turned 18 got the BOOT out the door. Some in toxic or any type of abusive home where they were left feeling unsafe and unloved.

But a minute ! … it's not about them, its about me ! WHYYYY MEEE. As I grew closer to GOD I learnt the WHY ME phrase means nothing. We are our choices , We are our actions , And we are the cause to certain pains in our life. Is that why GOD gave us free will ? So we can choose what we believe is Right or Wrong for our life. Read the bible they say it has all scriptures for all seasons. I believe that but I don't have the attention span to try and decipher such as time. We need a createful way to break the BIBLE down so God's word can spread. Yeah they have other versions, but for those who aren't bible heavy or reading savages are left … where?


We don't get to chose where we come from, but how we over come it. We don't give up around HERE .